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Suicide Grief is Different

Matt will help you understand suicide loss, how you can manage it, and how you can help others do the same.

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Suicide Expertise

Focused on you


  • Postvention care

  • Talking about suicide safely

  • Speaking to children


  • Public speaking

  • Media coaching

  • Peer support

  • Film/TV/theater consultation

Funeral preparation

  • Tone and tenor

  • Eulogies

  • Obituaries

  • Psychological autopsies

Suicide: Features

Education & Training Projects


Unit Stabilization After a Suicide Loss

Finding Stability After Suicide Loss

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Creative Projects


Executive Producer

Frank Larkin: If you’re considering suicide, please consider this 

Air Force videos

Executive Producer

Jordan: Losing an Airman Son to Suicide 

Starnes: I don’t have a choice to be anything but strong ​​ 

Faulkner: Jennifer Faulkner’s Personal Journey


Script Consultant

Suicide: List

Grief and Suicide Loss

Writing Coach | Therapy Writing

Author: Amanda Gallagher

In the midst of grief: What we can learn from our children

Author: Don Lipstein

Go for Five

Author: Jennifer Keeling

Walking Together Through our Grief

Author: Brittany Noble McCarthy

Breaking the Silence as a Survivor of Murder-Suicide Loss

Author: Denise Brownlee

What My Grief Has Taught Me About Life and COVID-19

Author: Jennifer Keeling

Overcoming Trauma

Author: Kim Ruocco

Little Things Mean A Lot During Stressful Times

Author: Jennifer Keeling

New Hope for a 'New' Year

Author: Don Lipstein

How I Learned to Stop Asking "Why?" and Use My Tragedy As A Force For Good

Author: Nicole Langhorst

How I Learned to Confront My Despair and Rededicate My Life

Author: Jennifer Keeling

How I Learned to Take Ownership of My Grief

Author: Terri Jones

How I Learned to Manage 'Ambush Moments' By Replotting My Grief Journey

Author: Susan Carron-Demoreta

How I Learned to Re-Embrace This Precious Gift of Life

Author: Elizabeth Murphy

The Loss of Brothers to Veteran Suicide Inspires VA Employee to Raise Awareness Through Film

Suicide: List


From Grief to Growth:

Healing After a Suicide Loss

TAPS Suicide Postvention ModelTM:

A comprehensive framework of healing and growth

TAPS Magazine:

“The Care We Took”

Suicide: List
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