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Suicide Loss and Grief Consultant
Organizations & Survivors

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Military and Veterans

Suicide impacts every member of a close unit and poses a threat to unit readiness, to say nothing of the impacts on individual service members. The veteran community similarly faces higher risk that stems from repeated exposure to suicide loss.

Develop and execute an action plan to respond

First responders

Law enforcement, fire and rescue, and EMS professionals face the double threats of extremely high-stress work and cultural expectations of toughness. This combination can discourage or suppress help seeking. In the event of a suicide, surviving family members also frequently encounter stigma.

Eliminate stigma around suicide loss for your department.

Faith communities

Churches, synagogues, and other institutions of faith provide needed comfort to those grieving suicide loss. However, if not careful, faith communities can also turn survivors and other worshippers away at the moment when fellowship is needed most.

Reconsider prevailing narratives around suicide.


Children are disproportionately affected by suicide loss. Suicide grief can change the trajectories of young lives, and communication with kids about suicide that is not age appropriate – even if well intended – can cause more problems than it solves.

Learn how to talk to students about suicide and heal.


City, state, and federal institutions of government are no more immune from the impacts of suicide on worker mental health and wellbeing than any organization. Helping employees become prepared to confront the unthinkable if it happens is a good strategy.

Train your force in how to cope with a loss.


Businesses large and small are focused on the bottom line and their commitment to customers, shareholders, and employees. But when a colleague or leader dies by suicide, the effects are dire: Morale suffers, operations are disrupted, money is lost. Studies show that TKnum of people kill themselves in the work place.

Create an action plan that cares for grieving coworkers that includes internal and crisis comms.

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How can I help?

A friend once taught me the only two questions you need ask a person in grief…
Where does it hurt?
How can I help?


Understanding suicide, suicide loss, and how to deal with grief.

Funeral Preparation

Help writing obituaries and eulogies and creating memorial sites.


Preparing organizational members to engage with news media plus helping survivors tell their stories of loss and grief.

Safe messaging

Train and educate leaders and staff on how to talk about suicide safely.


Consult on death announcements to internal and external audiences as well as crisis communications.

Strategies and action plans

Design postvention protocols to respond in the event your organization loses a member to suicide

Youth support

Education on the particular impact of suicide loss on children and how to discuss suicide in age appropriate ways.

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